Home Automation

Home automation has taken giant leaps forward in recent years, but what exactly is home automation? Home automation is the integration of the various systems in your home, but that’s not where it ends. With the advances we have seen in “The Internet of Things” it now goes beyond just the home and includes the other connected devices in our lives. Everything from your iWatch to the Tesla in your garage. The way all of the devices in our lives are connected we can automate our world like never before. Imagine pulling into the driveway and having your home automation systems turn on the lights, set the temperature and start playing your favorite Pandora station upon your arrival.

With home automation you truly get a smart home. One that not only knows when you are arriving home, but also when to alert you should there be an unexpected water leak or access to your home. The way an automation system is interconnected with the devices in your life you can have the ability to stay connected whether home or away.


Control and automate from your tablet or phone almost every device and appliance in your home whether you are home or away. Remotely controlling your home is no longer the stuff of science fiction.

Adjusting the temperature from bed or fully controlling your distributed audio and video system from any room is entirely possible. Imagine the blinds adjusting based on the location of the sun in relation to your home allowing in the perfect amount of light while simultaneously saving on your cooling energy costs.

By setting scenes you can set the mood with the simple touch of a button. Want to turn off the lights and arm the alarm from a single button? It’s easy to do with an automation system.


A home automation system can also be a watchdog for your home. By integrating the various systems in your home like security and surveillance your automation system can alert you to activity at your home. It can also allow you the ability to remotely unlock doors and monitor who is on your property.

The system could also alert you to temperature or humidity issues with your AC system as well as a potential water leak. Early notification can end up saving you from costly repairs.


Saving money is always a plus. Your home automation system works to help you with just that. With the use of astronomic timers your home can raise and lower the binds, draw the curtains, adjust the temperature and dim the lights.


Living in a high tech world where we can integrate so much into a single automation system is pretty awesome. Everyday new products are developed that can be integrated into your home. Not sure a home automation system is for you? That’s OK. The beauty of the technology we have today is that it is expandable. You can start small and expand as you see fit.

We know that technology has a tendency to seem complex. We are here for you. Simplifying technology is what we do.