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Wi-Fi & Networking

With A Home Network From The Audiohouse

In the modern home Wi-Fi is as necessary as electricity. A solid network is the heart of your connected home and the more devices or services connected to your network, the slower it can become. Our network specialists will design an enterprise grade network with strategically placed access points to keep you connected no matter where you are in your home so you can spend more time enjoying life.

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Networks That Meet Today's Demand

Why Do I Need Enterprise Grade Network?

Your connected home will only be as good as your network. Today’s home has many network devices; TVs, appliances, computers, smart devices, security systems, and thermostats to name a few. Our reliable network systems can process band-width, optimize latency , and successfully stream to multiple users simultaneously.  


The devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network are digital windows into your family’s lives — and without proper protection, your privacy is at risk. Keep your home and family safe by protecting your connected devices with network solutions from The Audiohouse.

Network Security

Remote Monitoring

Sometimes the smallest network issues can cause big problems – whether you’re watching late night TV or in the middle of a big party. Remote monitoring of your network means our technicians will be notified, and can even investigate and fix common problems without coming to come out to your home. We can get your system back up and running faster than you ever thought possible

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