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With A Home Theater
From The Audiohouse

Everyone loves the movie theater experience. The Audiohouse can bring the enormous screen, the full-bodied sound, and the delicious salty popcorn into the comfort of your home. With the touch of a button the lights dim and wall sconces gently illuminate as the film begins to play.  

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Customize Your Perfect Space

Our team can design a custom theater to achieve your desired look including the layout of the space, seating, lighting, and acoustical performance. We are here to share our expertise and guide you each step of the way.

Theater Design

Having your cake and eating it too is the best part of owning your own private home theater. The Audiohouse offers many comfortable, stylish and quality seating options in an array of fabric and color options.


Acoustical Treatments

The ultimate home theater starts great sound. A large part of the sound heard in a theater is reflected from wall surfaces before it reaches your ears. Acoustical wall panels make all the difference. Your speakers will sound better, surround sound will feel more alive, and the subtleties of the film soundtrack will stand out like never before.

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